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We didn't know people from Mountain View County were so clever...


Our Community Created aSimsLife

A Model Worth Sharing

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aSimsLife real humans Community Members who created Avatars


Community created full length series.


Continuing where All About You Carstairs left off in 2019, developing and producing aSimsLife, a full length animated sitcom.

Encouraging community well-being with shared online experiences for sustainability, shared culture, with entertainment and information, in support of our thriving collective Alberta community. 

aSimsLife is similar to Canadian production Corner Gas (2004) sitcom, in that C2PR Project created a fictional small town, Canto Alberta, right here in Mountain View County. But differs, as the 2D animated series development involved actual community members, who individually contributed with their opinions in story, character development, and even jokes. 

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aSimsLife is about a simulation from a game app on a computer accidentally creating Canto, Alberta, a small town somewhere deep in the bowels of Mountain View County. Doug (from All About You Carstairs) Sims, stars in his own adventure as a 2 dimensional character brought into a 3 dimensional world. Where Doug discovers he’s not alone anymore. Has a Netflix addiction, and some rather odd house guests.


Our Project's are for the benefit to our community residents by generating interest in tourism, economic development and sustainability of businesses and services within MVC.


Original Programing

A full length animated sitcom, as a community project for all of Mountain View County.

People Placement

aSimsLife REAL Humans from Mountain View Community are turned into cartoon Avatars.

Product Placement

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Economic Advertising

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We specialize in commercial development and work closely with our clients to create campaigns that are tailored to their specific needs.

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What Beta Viewers Created. C2PR Project is pleased to present aSimsLife - the Pilot, a community project Beta Viewers, people just like you, contributed to create an animated series right here in MVC aSimsLife is for people who work, play and live in Mountain View County.

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Sim ED series spin off Community Created video short
Watch - The Directors Cut Series spin off community created video short
Watch - Break In News series spin off community created video short