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At this stage of the project C2PR goes beyond simply advertising. All our products are community made with our Mountain View Community sustainability in mind. Offering low cost placements in people, products, to short and full adverts for businesses, services, events and people.

Monetizing the project affords aSmsLife's continuance past 5 episodes and remain offering free community  entertainment in a shared Online community experience. 

with Community
How to participate - Original programs and Commercials

At C2PR Project, we specialize in community animation. From our start with 'All About You Carstairs' to 'aSimsLife' today.

The full length community created animated series aSimsLife has several spin-offs! Providing ample opportunities for community commercials in a variety of ways to further engage and entertain MVC residents. 

You can choose anything from an all out commercial, product or people placement, or even a virtual business card as a shout out to our Mountain View Community. 

Programming & Commercials



 If it’s made, bought or sold in Mountain View County

ANY of your product can appear in our feature, aSimsLife. Or, in any of our animated shorts, for that matter.

Nothing burns in a viewers memory like a well placed product and a follow up contest about your products placement on local social media. Then again, there's more than the local connection. Launching on YouTube does allows for a broader audience. 

However you decide to showcase your MVC product, your covered as contributing to aSimsLife as a valued member of this community created animated series. 

participate - Product Placement example the Tilted Barn Community products made in Mountian View County


Participate - People Placement- Avatar cameo's in productions Real people

People Placement

Real people from our community are in every episode of aSimsLife.

The Avatars we create are approximations of actual person(s) based on photo’s submitted or taken. Avatars provide a low cost and fun option while adding to both Canto and MVC community's. In productions, Avatars add to the drama with cameo walk by's, some are in service positions like a server in a coffee house, where others still, star in episodes. 


By become aSimCitizen, you support continued community created productions.




Economic Advertising

Whether it's a shout out to our community, an announcement about your business or an event, Virtual Business Cards are simply memorable. 


All productions offer low cost opportunities for Virtual Business Card shorts within aSimsLife or any of it's spin-offs.  


While Virtual Business Cards are perfect for any announcement, they actually work on any mobile phone as your Virtual Business Card. 


Virtual Business Cards - never more than

Advertise - Economic Advertising, Carstairs Alberta


Let's Create Something!

Thank you!

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