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is to encourage community wellbeing with shared online experiences for sustainability, shared culture, with entertainment and information in support our thriving collective Alberta community, prior to taking the project to outlying areas and beyond. 

Offering a web based central hub for all things Mountain View County. Supported with original content with real people, real business, real MVC.


And then, taking the project to other Alberta communities in order to add sustainability of Mountain View products and services with branded unique media broadcasting. 



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Carstairs Public Library
About aSimsLife community created BETA

C2PR Project, formed in 2021 as a trademark company, is the amalgamation of project works since 2016 for the community of Carstairs where our primary mission remains in public service.

County and area recognition of the need for inclusion of county residence, businesses and services. For the benefit to our community in tourism, economic development and sustainability of businesses and services within MVC with products that not only support the vision of inclusion, but demonstrate with a unique service that actively seek the same initiative in web-based Media Broadcasting and programming.

Our goal is to further bring the people of MVC together in shared experiences with online programming, through an online web based media entertainment and information system for residence of Mountain View community.  








aSimsLife is about a simulation from a game app on a computer accidentally creating Canto, Alberta, a small town somewhere deep in the bowels of Mountain View County. Doug (from All About You Carstairs) Sims, stars in his own adventure as a 2 dimensional character brought into a 3 dimensional world. Where Doug discovers he’s not alone anymore. Has a Netflix addiction, and some rather odd house guests.


Our Project's are for the benefit to our community residents by generating interest in tourism, economic development and sustainability of businesses and services within MVC.



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