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aSimsLife is on YouTube (unlisted)

Going unlisted on YouTube is a no brainer when it comes to community privacy. Going Public on YouTube is in the works, but it will not be the same productions seen by our Mountain View County community. Yet certainly will promote our community as the home of the Sims from Canto, Alberta.

With that, there's exciting news...

aSimsLife Episode 3 is almost ready to release!

It's so close, the trailer is already on the webpage and will be released soon on social media.

Consolidation Part 1 In this episode, Doug and Dave discover their more than just Mountain View County citizen's. Secrets kept further threaten Doug and Dave as Polly leads to their capture by Canto Military. The rest are also captured and held in a safe house provided by Dr. Allen Shepherd.

the Real Humans, animated community members, add action to the storyline by making a surprise ending to this... To Be Continued... episode.

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